Scientific Program

Dear friends, colleagues and Scientists,
It is our great pleasure and privilege to invite you to most venerated city Varanasi in January 2019 for the forthcoming 7th Annual national Level Conference on 26th - 27th January 2019.
This will provide a forum for everyone to refresh their knowledge and explore the innovations in clinical cardio vascular complication in Diabetes. It is going to endeavor doctors,paramedicals, physician assistants and nurses to communicate, exchange and share knowledge about recent advancement in this area.
Varanasi is the world oldest living city rich in culture and heritage. To every visitor Varanasi offers a breathtaking experience. The rays of the sun simmering across the Gangas, the high banks, the temples and shrines along the banks and soul stirring hymns and mantras along with the fragrance of incense filling the air and the refreshing dip in the holy water gently splashing at the ghats, Varanasi- the land where experience and discovery reach the ultimate bliss. I wish all the best for all the Dignitaries Doctors, Nurses, Allied Health Workers to enjoy their participation in this scientific feast.
We look forward to see you on the 26-27th January 2019, at Hotel Grapewine, Varanasi.

26 January
DAY 1: Saturday, 26 January 2019

Registration & Timing : 8:00 AM to 8:30PM

Podium Presentation( Cordinator: Dr.Smitha Bhat,

Poster Presentation (10.30.00 am - 11.30 am): Coordinator: Dr.H.Gopal

How to conduct Cardio Diabetes Self Management Education:10.30am -11.30 am

FIRST SESSION : (11.00 am – 12. 30 pm)

  • Session coordinator: Dr.Hemant Gopal
  • Chairperson: Neeraj Sharma, Dr.Sunil Kumar, Dr.V.K.Agrawal, Dr.A.P.Yadav
  • 1. Use of technologies in Cardio Diabetes patient education : Dr. Vinaytosh Mishra
  • 2. Exercise benefits in Cardiovascular disease : Beyond attenuation of traditional risk factors. Dr. Abhishek Pandey
  • 3. Selecting anti diabetes drug in a patient of type 2 diabetes and cardiac morbidities. Dr. Jayant Panda
  • 4. Diabetes Mellitus: Best is still to come? Dr. Jasjeet S. Wasir

Opening Ceremony: 01:00pm- 02:00pm

Lunch Break(2:00pm -2:30pm)

SECOND SESSION: (02:30 PM TO 04:00 PM )

Session coordinator: Dr.Abhishek Pandey

Chairperson; Dr.Piyush Saxena, Dr.Deepak Kr. Gautam, Dr.Dhiraj Kishore, Dr,Nandlal Agrawal

  • Session coordinator: Dr.Subash Kumar
  • Chairperson
  • 1. Immuno Metabolic inflammation : Cardio Metabolic perspective Dr.N.S.Verma
  • 2. Subgroup of diabetes: Application & Hurdles in clinical practice Dr. A. Maheshwari
  • 3. Future Diabetes Therapy: DPP-IV inhibitor and SGLT-2 combination. Prof. K.K.Tripathi
  • 4. Treatment of Atherosclerosis in Diabetes clinic: IMPROVE-IT and REDUCE -IT - Dr.Vinod Mittal

THIRD SESSION : (4:00 PM TO 5:30 PM )

Session coordinator: Dr. Smitha Bhat

Chairperson:Prof.R.G.Singh, Dr.Plok C. Bhardwaj, Dr.R.B.Singh, Dr.S.N.Rai

  • 1.Recent advancement in Type 1 DM: Antigen based Immuno Therapy, Exercise and prevention of Macro Vascular complication. Dr. Sarita Bajaj
  • 2. Renal outcome from CVOT Trials: Should we wait for final interpretation ? Dr. Dheeraj Kapoor
  • 3. Emerging Hormonal based combined pharmaco therapies for the treatment of metabolic diseases. Dr. Ashutosh Mishra
  • Discussion: 15 Min


Session coordinator: Dr.Subash Kumar

Chairperson:Dr.Pragya Pandey, Dr.Neelam Ohri, Dr.Rajiv Kumar

  • 1. Glucokinase activators: New hope in diabetes management Dr. Smitha Bhat
  • 2. Precision Medicine in Type 2 Diabetes : Dr. Bijay Patni
  • 3. GDM:Screening, Diagnosis and Management : Dr. Sunil Gupta
  • Discussion: 15 Min

FIFTH SESSION: ( 7:15 PM TO 8:30 PM )

Session coordinator: Dr. Chairperson: Dr.Kumar Abhishek, Dr.Amit Bhaskar, Dr.Nilesh Kumar, Dr.B.N.Mishra(CMO)

  • 1. Diabetes and Gut microbiota : Dr. Subhash Kumar
  • 2. NASH: Newer advancement and treatment: Dr.Devendru Bhushan
  • 3. Cardiac Risk Assesment in Type2 Diabetes Mellitus patients. Dr. Ramakrishna
  • 4. Renal protection by Neprilysin inhibitor in Diabetes: Is it different from ACE inhibitor? :Dr. Hemant Gopal
  • Discussion: 15 Min
Cardio Diabetes Quiz (08.30pm-9.30pm) Coordinator: Dr.Abhijeet Chaterjee/Dr.Subash Kumar

Dinner (9:30PM - 10:00 PM )
27 January
DAY 2: Sunday, 27 January 2019


FIRST SESSION : ( 8:00 AM to 9:00 AM )

Session coordinator: Dr.Vinaytosh Mishra

Chairperson: Dr.A.K.Singh, Dr.Bikram Kr. Gupta, Dr.Shivendra Singh

  • 1. Prevention of Atheros thrombosis in diabetes patients: From anti thrombotic agents to new anti diabetic drugs. Dr. Pallavi Mishra
  • 2. Pathophisiology and novel therapeutic strategies: targeting gut microbiome and metabolome in heart failure: Dr. Abhijit Chaterjee
  • 3. Motivational Interview in Diabetes management: Dr.V.K.jagnany

SECOND SESSION : (9:15 AM to 10:15 AM )

Session coordinator: Dr.V.K.Jagnany

Chairperson:Dr.Vikash Agrawal, Dr.I.S.Gambhir, Dr.Md. Ibrahim, Dr.Amit Bhaskar

  • 1. Pharmacological Management of Type 2 DM in case of Liver Disorder Dr. Ritesh Gupta
  • 2. Lesions learnt from RCT's in Diabetes-Cardio Vascular Complication and beyond-Dr.Nitin Kapoor
  • 3. Erectile Disfunction and Diabetes: Dr. Deepak Jumani


THIRD SESSION : ( 10:45 AM to 12:15 PM )

Session coordinator: Dr. Ramakrishna

Chairperson:Dr.Vivek Raj Singh, Dr.M.G.Rai, Dr. Piyush Rai, Dr.M.K.Srivastava, Dr.Vikash Kumar

  • 1. Stable Heart Failure: Myth or Reality. Dr. Dharmendra Jain
  • 2. Terminal Heart failure management: Indian Scenario: Dr. Dilip Kumar
  • 3. Management of Heart failure 2019: Recent updates. Dr. Alok Singh

FOURTH SESSION : ( 12.30 PM to 1.30 PM )

Session coordinator: Dr.Abhishek Pandey

Chairperson: Dr.R.N.Bajpaye, Dr.Nitin Agrawal, Dr. Hemant Gupta, Dr.Arvind Gupta

  • 1. Sulphonylureas: Is Sun Setting on them?. Dr. Mangesh Tiwaskar
  • 2. GLP-1 and Nephro protection: Redefining encreation effect on Kidney. Dr.Pramila kalra
  • 3. Declare A Defining CVOT, Why not SGLT2i Now: Dr.Ashutosh Mishra
Lunch 1:00PM -2:00PM
Closing Ceremony & Valedictory Function (2:00 PM To 3:00 PM)

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