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It is our great pleasure and privilege to invite you to most venerated city Varanasi in February for the forthcoming 6th National Level Conference on Cardio Diabetes & Related Issues - CARDIABCON2019

The scientific committee of the CARDIABCON2019 is proud to prepare a program of outstanding scientific & academic quality, which will offer thought provoking CMEs, Oration, Plenary Session. The research. The conference has been recognized by Medical Council of India and this year, Conference is awarded with Twelve credit hour for the participation by MCI.

This event aims to provide the participants working in cardio diabetes with a venue in maintaining cutting-edge knowledge and skills in their in their fields and other related discipline. More importantly, CARDIABCON2019 aims to promote the prevention and prediction in cardio diabetes, its practice and advancement.

Varanasi is a holistic city and always been a seat of cultural heritage and learning from time immemorial and rightly often referred "The religious capital of India" There is so much to see The Holistic Ganga Ghats, Kashi Viswanath Temple, Sarnath temple, Ramnagar fort and many more.

We are confident that CARDIABCON2019 will enrich you with excellent scientific feast with best of hospitality which you would cherish for life We look forward to greeting you in what promise to be an exciting and fruitful meeting with a high scientific standard.

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